1st Dance

24th May 2014

Glenn and Naomi’s Wedding

I was a little sad when I woke up and found that it was raining. I was hoping for good weather for them. However, the weather did not seem to dampen the spirits of the party, the guests all appeared happy to be there and celebrate the special day.

Everyone arrived for the reception, and enjoyed a hog roast, accompanied by instrumental background music. There were delicate garden flowers on the tables. The speeches given manifested the love they had for each other, and the love of their families for them.

The hall was decorated by Naomi, Glen and friends. You will see the bunting and pom poms hanging from the beams. I was set up to the side of the stage, as the top table was also on the stage in the hall. We put some blue up lighters behind the top table to compliment the pom poms. The top table came down for the evening party.

Naomi and Glen’s 1st dance was “I knew I loved you” by Savage Garden. As soon as everyone joined them on the dance floor, there was enthusiasm from the guests for dancing, and there was only a lull for the buffet, again this was made by the couple and friends and family. A good night was had by all.

Thank you both, it was a privilege to be part of your day!