3rd August 2021

Making your Wedding Day Special

Your wedding is a special day. When it finally arrives it will pass all too quickly. A good recommendation is to stop and drink in all that is happening around you with all your senses every so often- smells, sounds, what you see and most importantly, how you feel. All these people have gathered to share your love and cementing of your relationship this day.

There are some key things that can be done or avoided to help your day and evening go more smoothly;

  • Choose some music that is personal to you. This is YOUR day and the soundtrack needs to reflect that.
  • Don’t book too many activities. simultaneously. There is a less cohesive feel to a party that has several things going on at once. It is better to think in a timeline. Remember the day will pass quickly and you need time and space to connect with guests and savour the moment.
  • Don’t book transport to leave for you or your guests before the end. People will inevitably stop the proceedings to say goodbye and you could miss a great finale.
  • Just because the venue has a bar that is licenced until the early hours next day, doesn’t mean your party has to go on that long. If you have some hardcore partygoers who will dance the night away, or you had a late wedding ceremony it can work, but if you get married in the morning or midday you could find everyone flagging by 11.30pm. It’s better to end on a high.
  • Delegate to people you trust. Don’t spend time organising things that best men or bridesmaids can do for you. You may find there are some things your DJ will do that are not in the usual brief.
  • Weddings very frequently run late. There are various reasons for this. This is another reason why it is wise not to over plan. If it does, go with the flow and enjoy the time with your beloved, your family and friends.