22nd January 2021

Music for your ceremony… Planning perfection

When planning your wedding there is a lot to think about. The music you choose for your ceremony is the beginning of the soundtrack for your day. Here are some things to consider. when choosing music:

  • Do you want your choices to say something about your relationship?
  • Are you choosing music that will bring back memories to you or the wedding party?
  • Usually 2-3 pieces (about 8 minutes) are required for signing the register and to allow for photographs. Do your choices sound like a blend, or will they clash stylistically?

Before you enter the room there is usually a nervous fiancé waiting for you. The music as guests arrive should be something that puts the groom or waiting partner at ease. This music should be their choice, but with careful consideration to the arriving guests.

Some people choose the entrance music as a fanfare like the wedding march, others like a soft introduction. You may want a particular song but wish to start walking in at a certain point in the song- after a lengthy intro or at the chorus. These things are worth considering and discussing with your music professional or DJ who takes care of this for you.

As you leave the ceremony you may want to choose a song or piece that makes a statement, or something celebrational.

If you have a wedding rehearsal you may want to ensure the bridal party all know which order people are entering. Some have the bridesmaids walk in first, followed by the bride or arriving partner. Others have the bridal following in a train. Playing your entrance music for the rehearsal will help you decide how fast or slow to walk, and be certain of the starting point for your DJ or sound technician.

Either way, music is a joyful addition to your wedding day and can enhance the overall feel. Have fun choosing!