Terms & Conditions

SGDJ Weddings is the child company of SG Discos. All sales/transactions will be processed through SG Discos.


1.     The DJ or Disco Roadshow (SG Discos) and their staff or assistants will conduct themselves in a proper and sober manner and will respond to the Client/Promoter’s requests as to the volume, situation of equipment, use of special effects and any other reasonable requests.

2.     The Client/Promoter will ensure adequate access to the performance area and adequate clear access to the entry point of the venue and provide adequate parking space for the entertainment service providers vehicle as near to the venue as is possible at no charge. The Client/Promoter will allow the DJ/Disco Roadshow sufficient time for their equipment to be set up before the performance and dismantled and removed from the venue after the performance. The Client/Promoter will be liable for any loss or damage howsoever caused to the equipment or recorded music media during such time that it is at the venue outside of performance, setting up and dismantling times provided that permission has been granted for the equipment to be at the venue.

3.     Should the equipment be left at the venue as in clause 2 above and should circumstances arise which prevent the DJ/Disco Roadshow obtaining access in order to affect the removal at a mutually agreed time then the Client/Promoter will be liable for any additional expenses incurred to cover further appointments for the removal of the said equipment. Should the situation arise where the DJ/Disco Roadshow requires the equipment for other bookings and is prevented from carrying out these bookings due to the inability to gain access to the venue then the Client/Promoter will be liable for any loss of earnings or increased costs thus incurred.

4.     In the event of structural, physical or technical deficiencies in a venue or its electrical supply spoiling the performance the entertainment service provider will not be held responsible and the full fee agreed will be paid by the Client/Promoter. The promoter will provide access to a reliable, safe and a properly earthed single phase 240 Volt mains electricity supply with a minimum of 2 separate 13amp sockets outlets with a suitably rated and protected supply circuit that complies with the current I.E.E. wiring regulations. Should the electrical supply be deemed to be unsafe by the DJ or Disco Roadshow the responsibility and costs of fault rectification lies solely with the Client/Promoter.

5.     Should the DJ/Disco Roadshow be contracted to work with, or to support a live band, cabaret act, comedian or other entertainer and this act fails to appear or to perform the DJ/Disco Roadshow shall be entitled to increase the fee charged. This increase shall be a minimum of 50% of the band or acts contracted fee.

6.     The Client/Promoter will provide adequate supervision of all guests and or customers and or staff at the venue and will be liable for any theft or damage to the entertainment service providers equipment caused by said guests, customers, staff or the Client/Promoters nominated users of the DJ/Disco Roadshow equipment.

7.     The Client/Promoter may be required to provide a room where the DJ or Disco Roadshow and his assistants may rest, change and clean up prior to, during or after the performance. The DJ or Disco Roadshow and his assistants will not be expected to be on stage without refreshments for more than 3 hours at a time. The Client/Promoter will be expected to provide light refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages for the DJ or and his assistants if the performance time is in excess of 3 hours.

8.     The Client/Promoter shall permit the DJ/Disco Roadshow to display his publicity and advertising material at the venue and to include promotional material within his show presentation/performance and where appropriate the entertainment service provider may retail novelty goods such as glow products and promotional items such as clothing to guests or customers of the Client/Promoter when deemed appropriate by the DJ or Disco Roadshow.

9.     The DJ or Disco Roadshow and his assistants shall be in no way liable for any breach of covenants, regulations, bye-laws and conditions under which any premises or property leased, hired or entrusted to the Client/Promoter and the Client/Promoter warrants that he/she is entitled to use the venue for the purpose of the event and performance.

10.   Where the DJ or Disco Roadshow services are booked on a residency or regular basis at a place of entertainment, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and New Years Day are subject to individual arrangements to be agreed by both parties by the 1st of September preceding.

11.   The Client/Promoter is responsible for ensuring that the venue is licensed by the performing Rights Society (PRS) for the playing of recorded music in public. Licenses for the playing of recorded music in public are only required for public events (private parties, wedding receptions and similar family occasions do not require such a license) most hotels and venues should have a PRS license, however it is the Client/Promoters responsibility to ascertain whether or not such licenses are required for their event or function and the responsibility for taking out such a license lies entirely with the Client/Promoter. Should the DJ/Disco Roadshow be prevented from performing by any failure of the Client/Promoter to obtain the appropriate licenses or permission for the performance or should the performance be canceled for any reason other than that which is mentioned in clause 14 then the provision relating to cancellation, as set out in clause 13 shall apply.

12.   In the event of the DJ/Disco Roadshow agreeing to be paid a percentage of any admission money being charged by the Client/Promoter, the Client/Promoter must provide the DJ/Disco Roadshow with a written statement of the full details of ticket numbers, admission prices and numbers of patrons attending and provide full facilities for checking the same.

13.   In the event of the Client/Promoter wishing to cancel a booking, any booking fee that has been paid will be forfeited. Cancellation may not be made within 30 days of the engagement unless full payment of the fee balance accompanies such a cancellation. Cancellations must be made in writing and by registered post and signed by the Client/Promoter only (cancellations by e-mail or telephone can not be accepted as authentication of the source is not defined). The Client/Promoter is not entitled to a refund of the booking fee in any instance should written cancellation be received.

14.   The Client/Promoter may adjust the fee pro-rata for any lost performance time that is the direct fault of the DJ or Disco Roadshow. In the event of the DJ/Disco Roadshow failing to appear, the DJ/Disco Roadshow shall be liable to compensate the Client/Promoter up to an amount not exceeding 200% of the agreed fee. Whilst the DJ/Disco Roadshow will use its best endeavors to attend at the function and give a satisfactory performance, should the DJ/Disco Roadshow be prevented from doing so for any reason outside its control (including mechanical breakdown, equipment failure, severe sickness, adverse weather conditions, civil unrest or war) the DJ/Disco Roadshow shall not incur any liability for its non-appearance provided the Client/Promoter is informed at the earliest opportunity.

15.   In the event of the Client/Promoter failing to make full settlement of the balance of the fee agreed on the due date agreed the entertainment service provider shall be entitled to charge an addition £50.00 over and above the agreed fee and interest on this amount at the rate of 8% P.A. (I.E. a daily rate of 0.00022 x overdue amount) as is standard procedure for claims made through the H.M.C.S. small claims courts, until such time as full settlement is received or the overdue sum is registered for collection via the appropriate H.M.C.S. small claims court (local county court). You are reminded that should this course of action become necessary additional H.M.C.S. court charges will be incurred.